ALIBRA performances

In 2010 I discovered to ‘sing’ my paintings in a spontaneous invented language, that I call ‘Quaf’.
By doing this, I recreate the containts and energies, that are in the painting, anew and make them acustically available. It has an amazing effect, because it brings the audience to feel, what is in the painting and not only perceive it mentally.
I then completely surrender to the flow of my essence to openly share and express, what is rising into my awareness.
Performing I am completely connected to the audience, to the surrounding and the angelic realms.
The passion and the sparkling joy of life, that I feel, expands and lets people come right in the now- moment, the brain can leave for holidays.
ALIBRA- singing touches the heart and the sozul and has a deeply inspiring and healing effect.

…then by a secret word

the whole wrong being disappears