About my art-creating

I think, it’s stupid to write about this, because it’s a secret.
It is magical and I move a lot of energies.

What happens, when I paint or otherwise, e.g. do handicrafts to an artistic work, is that I’m in- spired, ‚in spirit‘! I let go of everything, that binds me to this world and enter a wide world, in which I can create anything that comes to my mind and is close to my heart. The beautiful thing is, that I am not alone in this world, but together with my soul and – with my beloved Master-friends.

Above all, Kuthumi Lal Singh, with whom I create a lot and form a wonderful team. Creating with him – and also with the other Masters – enables me to dive deep into my soul and thus recognize amazing things, connections, give shape to them, which brings me a lot of joy.

When painting with him, I let it flow, then I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s like ‚by HEART‘ or ‚channeled‘. In the ‚receiving-mode‘, everything is shown to me, the colours, the arrangements in the composition, the lines, the motifs …I just execute and let it happen.

My focus is to feel, to be sensitive to what I am given, to leave myself in complete trust, that I’m able to do this, that it flows through me, trusting in my Souls presence and Kuthumis presence.

Often I also invite other Masters: Kuan Yin, Adamus Saint Germain, sometimes someone just pops in and I ‘hear’ his words, his or her inspiration. They just open with their love and wisdom a broader perspective.

So all the art that I create is full of living, holy, healing energy. I like to use the symbols, figures, landscapes, the things of the visible world and put them in context with what I have become aware of, its inner meaning, that has revealed itself to me. An electro – magnetic dynamic is created by the arrangement of the individual elements on the canvas and speaking itself. It is the language of recognition that can touch and reach the viewer.

I connect with the essence, the spirit of what I want to re-present in the artwork. So everything vibrates lively and the energies are thus available to the viewer.

I pay attention to every detail with care, because everything contributes to creation, as can also be seen in nature: nowhere is there a saving in wealth and abundance in the smallest details.

When I show and share an artwork, it’s a gesture from my heart, a present to the world, for those who want to perceive, receive – a present with many different contents and surprises. Yes, I often only discover secrets later, sometimes after years that are then revealed. I subconsciously created it, expressed it without even understanding everything I was doing.

It is the greatest pleasure that there is such an wealth of knowledge and wisdom within us that we can activate and gift ourselves and the world with, and the abundance inside and all around is very happy to do so!

The material world is permeated with divine energy. Matter is not separate from the divine, which is also in us, that in the end – we are SELF!
And THAT is what I experience in creating art, namely how the divine energy with which I am connected, one with, flows and dances through me.
In this way I make the things and beings of the invisible spiritual world visible and tangible to the viewer.

When the work is complete and reaches the public, it communicates with people, it speaks, dances, touches them – without mental explanations.

I love creating elaborate Collage-Panels, but also smaller, more abstract paintings with figurative parts or collages with different natural materials.
Many of the newer works of art are currently not for sale, but high-quality prints can be made if desired, which you can purchase at a reasonable price.