My art

Mein MaltischI like to call me a multimedia- multidimensional artist, because I play with different media to express myself, mainly painting, concrete and abstract or both mixed. Sometimes I love the performance of singing my paintings in a spontaneous invented language, that I call ‘Quaf’- language and with that do my public ‘ALIBRA- performances’.

From time to time I do also sculpturing and gave courses for adults and children for 17 years in my School for Creativity and Expression (closed in 2012).

I love to paint and create, because it allows me to expand in other dimensions, such as the Christallin realms; I connect with the Ascended Masters, such as Kuthumi Lal Singh and others, also with my Higher Self/ my soul to bring in with them and from there inspiration, wisdom and beauty to enrich my life and maybe those of others.

As a child I painted a lot, especially in the time of the last years at Highschool, which helped me with balancing myself inside-out. That lead to starting studying Fine Art at the HfbK in Hamburg. After 3 years I quit, realizing, that for me my art has to come from the experiences and imprints of my life.

My scills of painting I absorbed by watching, by exercise, by diligence and above all by my desire to overcome the old and to dare new things.

Again and again I experience, that so much knowledge of composition, colouring and the position of lines come from inside by intuition and by my inner angelic guides.

The ideas to my creations come to me in a state of trance between sleeping and being awake, in a meditation as a flash, a vision, that I then very quickly sketch, before it evaporates.

When painting I let go of everything and dive into the flow of  inspiration and feeling , very concentrated, my controlling mind gone and me completely trusting the impulses of my awareness.

For some art-works f.e. the Collagentafeln I need a few weeks, for others 2-3 days.

Paintings, that are done in a few hours often need a longer period of time in preparation mentally.

Are there artists, that have influenced my art?

Yes! Michelangelo, the Divine, with his capacity to grasp the body so sensual and in spite of their massiveness give them a great ease and  gracefullness.

Dali- with his expanding into the surreal and with his statement, that there is no real abstraction without the artist knowing how to paint photographically.

Gaudi with all his creations being so authentically.

Kandinski, that understood the Spiritual in the art so miraculous and sensitiv.

The most beautiful thing, that people told me about my art, was, that I’d express my Divine through my art…

and that my paintings are so alive, that one can f.e., when watching the ”Elefantentotem’ feels like being transferred to Africa and able to hear the ultrasound, the elefants are producing.

Through art I’m allowed to communicate my spiritual realizations, discoveries and observations in a non- mental way and express, what is really  important to me.