Former Exhibitions

  • Celebration-Event

    (0) 19. October 2017 CoraCelebration-Event
    ♥♪♫Invitation to the Celebration of LOVE♥♪♫ Kuthumi and I will throw a Party on Saturday, 25th of November and wanted to invite you to participate in this Event. The ‘KUAN YIN-Painting’, that I created this summer in a period of 10 weeks, has been the catalyst for this event. I will show the Original the very first time. Though it ...
  • Creativity and Consciousness

    (0) 25. July 2017 CoraCreativity and Consciousness
    In the painting-course the participants learn to concentrate inwardly, to let go and at the same time open up, expand and connect to ones own SOUL. The experience how truely from inside then there comes a stream of ideas, perceptions, awarenesses, as if ‘the muse had kissed you’, a wonderful fulfilling experience! Materials included. Timet: 8./9. of September ...
  • Opening of the Exhibition at the 9th of June 2017

    (0) 11. June 2017 CoraOpening of the Exhibition at the 9th of June 2017
    Here some photos from the Celebration:   
  • Opening Speech for the Art-Exhibition

    (0) 11. June 2017 CoraOpening Speech for the Art-Exhibition
    The Opening Speech is only available in German language.
  • ALIBRA performances

    (0) 22. August 2011 CoraALIBRA performances
    In 2010 I discovered to ‘sing’ my paintings in a spontaneous invented language, that I call ‘Quaf’. By doing this, I recreate the containts and energies, that are in the painting, anew and make them acustically available. It has an amazing effect, because it brings the audience to feel, what is in the painting and not ...
  • 2004 Exhibition ‘Roses and Yonis’ in the Titusforum Frankfurt am Main/ Germany

    (0) 10. October 2004 admin2004 Exhibition 'Roses and Yonis' in the Titusforum Frankfurt am Main/ Germany
    In 2004 I had a big exhibition with my works about yonis and roses in the Titusforum in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany. It happened on the occasion of the theatrical performance of the ‘Vagina Monologues’ from Eve Ensler by the ‘English- Theater- group/ Frankfurt. It was remakable, that all, men and women stood in awe and wonder ...