Art- Works with 50% discount for Christmas

I want to offer a very special discount of 50% on my paintings until Christmas, so you can gift yourself or a loved one with an original piece of ART- work.
The serie, posted here, I created some years ago.
Back then it has been for me all about integrating the energies of the elements earth, fire, water and air within my body of consciuosness. When painting the animals, I connected deeply with their spirit, so their energies are so very lifely and present within the paintings. What I became aware of, is, that the animals are completely induldged with the specific element, they are living in and yes, they even make these elements come alive and dance!
It’s like when we sing in tune with our SOUL and thus creating the New Earth. 💖🎶🌟
The discount runs too, for many other art- works, that you can find here in the Galery of my website
When interested to purchase one of my works of art, please contact me with my e-mail: