During my friend Linda Ludewig-Nold played on her two huge gongs (39 in diameter), I captured the energies of the sounds and the space, we were in and transformed them into colour unto the canvas.

Thereby came into being abstract paintings, that unite colour and sound, that transform ephemeral tones into a visible, imperishable ‘sound- painting.
Linda is the sound-colour-musician and me the colour-sound-painter.

Several abstract works

Crystal Caves

VERNISSAGE ‘ShivasDance’-painting (Feb. 15, 2020)

On Saturday, the 15th of February the Opening-Celebration
takes place to my new painting ‘Shivas DANCE’.

On this very event in February the painting as well as the video
will be revealed for the first time-, nobody was allowed to see it by now!

In the energy-exchange of 65.-€ are included a nice meal, drinks,
the introduction in the energies of the painting
as well as all, that wants to happen on a ‘Fiesta’ like this…

The Vernissage takes place
on Saturday, the 15th of February 2020
Beginning 3pm – open end
NAMASTE, Cora und Kuthumi

When interested please contact via: