Opening of the Exhibition at the 9th of June 2017

Here some photos from the Celebration:

meine Tochter Grace, my daughter Grace
von oben, from above
weiter Raum für meine Werke, expanded space for my art-works
Titel ‘RETURN’
Ich durfte mein Buch ‘Du bist Schön und eine Reise ins Land der Wiederkehr’ anbieten, I was allowed to show and sell my book ‘You are beautiful and a Journey to the Lands of Return’
Titel ‘Verkörperung des Lebens’, ‘LIFE-EMBODYMENT’
Blumen für die Künstlerin, Flowers for the Artist
Eine Karte lesend, die mir Kuthumi geschickt hatte/ reading from a postcard, that Kuthumi once had sent me: ‘Within you is a rainbow of endless colours. They swirl and pulse, because they are alive. Thank you for letting them play in your art…’
ein paar Worte von mir , a few words from me
zusammen: mein Sohn Victor, die Partnerin von Victor Bajak, meine Tochter Grace und mein Hund Felisha und ich mit den wunderschönen Blumensträussen, die ich von ihnen erhielt – together with my son Victor, his partner Bajak, my daughter Grace, my doggy Felisha and me with the beautiful flower-bouquets from them


Art-Exhibition of the Best

Cora A. Schwindt shows her artworks the first time after quite a pause of some years, where she didn’t show up in public. Now her time has come!

You may look forward to a wonderful art-exhibition of some of her works, paintings and sculptures.

Opening celebration:: Friday,  9th of June 2017 at 7 pm
Duration: Friday, of June – 18th of August 2017

Adress: Fichtestrasse 50A in 63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen

open: Monday, Thuesday., Thursday 2.00 bis 6.00 pm
Wednesday 10 am– 2 pm, Friday 2pm – 8 pm

Cora A. Schwindt

lives in Dreieich- Buchschlag in her own Atelierhouse, that she has transformed over the years into a real Art-House.

She is full of creativity and is very productive. It brings great joy to her, while artistically working, to expand into spiritual inner worlds and to widen her conscious awareness. Her work encompasses painting, abstract and concrete, drawing, sculpturing and also large mosaics in and on housing spaces.
Recently she published her first book.
You can feel her endeavour to surpass old patterns of conception, to dare the New outrageously, when watching and experiencing her art. Her work pleasantly contrasts with the mainstream and radiate great liveliness.
From 1995 – 2012 the in Dreieich- Buchschlag resident artist had her own painting-school ‘Kunstwerkstatt MALRAUM’, where she inspired children as well as adults to their creative senses and manifold artistic self-expression. By the periodical exhibition each year of their works, she is welknown in Dreieich and surroundings.

Cora A. Schwindt exhibited her own work until 2013 regularly inland and abroad and now, after a phase of deep inner transformation, she again steps into the public.