Performance in Berlin

On the 6th of November 2011, Cora did an ALIBRA- Performance in Berlin.

The theme was a travel over four paintings:

‘Return’: the path to the New Earth ‘

‘Kauai- painting’, the letting go of old stuff and energies and receiving the New Potentials

‘In the Realm of the Sun’: the manifestation of all the beauty within the human realm

”The Kingdom of the Earth’: the relieve and ascention, that the earth experiences together with us in these times…

Here You can see a few photos:


ALIBRA performance in Buchschlag

ALIBRA-Performance: das 'Kauai- Gemälde' singend
singing the ‘Kauai- painting’

Some time ago, I discovered to ‘sing’ my paintings in a spontaneous invented language, that I call ‘Quaf’.

By doing this, I recreate the containts and energies, that are in the painting, anew and make them acustically available. It has an amazing effect, because it brings the audience to feel, what is in the painting and not only perceive it mentally.

I then completely surrender to the flow of my essence to openly share and express, what is rising into my awareness.

Performing I am completely connected to the audience, to the surrounding and the angelic realms.

The passion and the sparkling joy of life, that I feel, expands and lets people come right in the now- moment, the brain can leave for holidays.

ALIBRA- singing touches the heart and the sozul and has a deeply inspiring and healing effect.

…then by a secret word

the whole wrong being disappears


here You can see some photos of a performance, that I did in October 2011, where I sang two paintings

Sound-Performance in a Castle-Church

This second ‘Sound-Painting’, also painted in oil, was created on the first of March 2010 in a small church in Dreieichenhain, a village close to my Atelier with the friendly sponsorship of the priestess Nicole Oehler, heartfelt thanks, that we could be your guests!
The Gong- and Colour- performance went on again about 3 hours.

From here a big ‘thank you’ to all the visitors and attendees of the performance!

Performance to inauguration of the painting “Return”

Bild "Return"

It has been so much fun to choose a quite unusual form of presentation of an art-work.

As an introduction the guests had the opportunity to listen to some classical music, that especially was reflecting the different areas in the painting, gazing at and contemplating it. After a little pause Cora came in – her face made up in white- to sing the painting, accompanied by her drum, with spontaneous improvised syllables and melodies. Thus bringing the ‘waters of life’ into motion and adding even more liveliness and accessability to the painting. A great self-collection and focus has been the prerequisite to enrich the room with magic and wonder.