Roses- and Yoni- paintings since 2000

From 2000-2005 I painted roses in all sizes and colours on large canvases.

I had the intention to create a symbol for the blooming of feminine, the feminine principle. This was corresponding to my own expansion, but also very relevant too, of what society becomes more and more aware of.
After having painted for about half a year these roses, I realized a certain similarity with the female genital, the vagina, sanskrit: YONI.
And so I decided, to walk my path of art consequently and began painting yonis (more information next artcle).
The painting ‘Rosen/Yoni -Mandala’ grasps my intention perfectly :
The white rose symbolises the Goddess, in whom all women, the whole feminine have their roots, being held and safe and receiving their strength from there…
To each yoni belongs a rose, showing her state of blooming.




Yonis in Pastell

Women- Mandala

Photos of the exhibition in the Titusforum Frankfurt 2004