The forgiveness given by the DRAGON, which symbolically stands for the SOUL, the I AM – converts everything that you still feel guilty about, any aspects of all lifetimes into WISDOM. They become POTENTIALS that are available now and that are full of power and life, like seeds ready to germinate. If you become aware of your innermost essence, your I AM, your MASTER SELF, then you will become a PHOENIX yourself, rising out of the FIRE of TRANSFORMATION. Its wings are then of a substance that is imperishable, never to be hurt or broken again. Because she is of a beauty and a reality that is beyond anything that can be described in words! All possibilities are then like wonderful flowers that can unfold their full potential, that carry the divine LIGHT within themselves and are available to you in their fullness.

Here is the link to the video with music and texts:


‘ShivasDANCE’ and ‘How to dissolve JOY out of the Body after Death’

The inspiration to this painting came during my drive to Bled/Slovenia in autumn 2018 to an event called ‘Magic of the Masters’ by the CrimsonCircle. My concept had been, that it’s about us rising out of mass-consciousness into a much broader awareness of who we truely are as a human being. Surprisingly in one moment I sensed Baba Haidhakan, one of the Ascended Masters, that I had been connected to very intensely in the past, come in. He corrected: ‘You are going to Bled? No! You are going to a Celebration and what you are doing there makes even the Gods dance!’ And with that the name to my new painting was born. In 2019 over the course of 7 month I created it and its abstract version titled: ‘How to dissolve JOY out of the Body after Death’.
I experienced a big loss of control while building it as I had to surrender completely to be able to allow everything that wanted to be represented. So these paintings are filled with swirling lively energies, singing and dancing…
High quality prints in different siezes of the ‘Shiva’ – painting as well as the Book, a Painting-contemplation from Kuan Yin channeled by me – are available.


And here the Video on YouTube, that I created together with Kuthumi:

'Shivas DANCE' and 'How to dissolve JOY out of the Body after Death'













‘The Dragon comes in’ or ‘The Gift of Unforegiven Foregiveness’

Early Summer this year 2018 I had the chance to meet the Dragon and to experience its true and real existence, energy and what it does, when one is ready… All these experiences I realized in the painting ‘The Dragon  comes in or The Gift of Unforgiven Forgiveness’.

In the little video, that I created from the painting, the mood of the perception of the dragon and its effect, through the music and the text passages is expressed even more tangibly. ENJOY!

The Dragon comes in or The gift of Unforgiven Forgiveness



In a period of 10 weeks with many hours of painting each day, I created this art-work. My first idea had been to create a painting, that is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Out of this developed something so much more, than I expected…To me the most authentic and adventurous painting I ever did so far!
I feel very honored and happy to now be able to share a video, that I created from the painting in public with you all!

KUAN YIN - Painting, a Travelogue