VERNISSAGE ‘ShivasDance’-painting (Feb. 15, 2020)

On Saturday, the 15th of February the Opening-Celebration
takes place to my new painting ‘Shivas DANCE’.

On this very event in February the painting as well as the video
will be revealed for the first time-, nobody was allowed to see it by now!

In the energy-exchange of 65.-€ are included a nice meal, drinks,
the introduction in the energies of the painting
as well as all, that wants to happen on a ‘Fiesta’ like this…

The Vernissage takes place
on Saturday, the 15th of February 2020
Beginning 3pm – open end
NAMASTE, Cora und Kuthumi

When interested please contact via:

‘The Dragon comes in’ or ‘The Gift of Unforegiven Foregiveness’

Early Summer this year 2018 I had the chance to meet the Dragon and to experience its true and real existence, energy and what it does, when one is ready… All these experiences I realized in the painting ‘The Dragon  comes in or The Gift of Unforgiven Forgiveness’.

In the little video, that I created from the painting, the mood of the perception of the dragon and its effect, through the music and the text passages is expressed even more tangibly. ENJOY!



In a period of 10 weeks with many hours of painting each day, I created this art-work. My first idea had been to create a painting, that is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Out of this developed something so much more, than I expected…To me the most authentic and adventurous painting I ever did so far!
I feel very honored and happy to now be able to share a video, that I created from the painting in public with you all!