Latest Collages ‘in love’






‘The Fruit of the Unison of the Sun and the Moon’, Collage from cottonpapers of different weights, coloring and structures, playful lines with japanese paper, Acrylicglitter on canvas, 80×80 cm

The geometrical lines and the construction of the compositions above and below  are chosen very consciously to emphasize their inner meaning and  impact
very lively






‘C’est la vie à Paris’, Collage from many several materials, acrylcoloured sand, bark, hearts from wood and plastic, dryed Pikake-petals from Hawaii, a dryed seahorse, marbles, glossy prints, shards of glass from the riverbanks of the Seine in Paris and much more on canvas, 80x80cm






‘HEAVEN on EARTH, very pink’, here I wanted to create a very tacky, sappy, kitshy Collage to the topic of ‘LOVE’ with a lot of glitter and hearts,

various materials on canvas, 80x70cm