‘The Green Boots’

My initial idea for this painting was inspired by my visit at the LOUVRE/ Paris and I wanted to create a painting, where behind the crumbling facade, the true BEING and figure of a woman comes forth…, now this is the result of the endaveour. In painting occurs, what truely is!

‘Die Grünen Boots’, Acryl auf Leinwand, 50×120 cm
Detail: tanzend, dancing
Detail: Tempel
Detail: zusammen auf der Brücke über dem Wasserfall, together on the Bridge above the waterfall







Detail: im HERZ des Engels
Detail: verschmelzend, melting together
Detail: on the swing







Detail: auf der Bank, on the Bench
Detail: Amsterdam
Detail: die grünen Boots zum Losmarschieren, the green-colored Boots for Walking