Dance with the Wales

During my stay in Kauai/ Hawai, I had the wish to swim with dolphins, that this time didn’t find its fulfillment- at least not on the outside- level.

In fact I did experience in an ‘in between- state’ of consciousness, as they were coming close with such a big  joy, swam around me, taking me into their circle.

From this came the painting ‘Dance with the Wales’.

Only later I realized, what was the meaning of the pearls:

they represent the many potentials, that arose and were coming into my awarness from all the experiences, that I was allowed to collect and here especially in Kauai  diving into the feeling, sharing it in the realms of the wales.

‘Tanz mit den Walen’, Acryl augf Leinwand, 120×160, Juni 2011