Snakes – Totem

Starting with this creation, I first had to select amongst around fifty illustrated books of snakes and to decide which snake would fit in on which place to bring up the meaning, that I felt about the theme and wanted to express.

Again a real adventure, as I intended to transform the negative image of the snakes, having been nurtured since a thousands of years by rituals and believe- systems- into the snake of wisdom, power of the earth, truth…

Fact is, that in exhibitions, there were people not daring to enter the room, where this painting was hanging, others felt they were really courageous to go in, come close-

I had to calm them down: …’don’t worry, these snakes won’t crawl out of the painting…’

Others, mainly children, loved to be around it and stay close.

I myself  had beautiful dreams, when it was hanging in my sleeping- room for some time.

Once I asked each snake for a message for me (in order to prove their integrity),

all were positiv, deeply motivating, encouraging and filled with wisdom.

A painting dedicated to the power of transformation.