“Return” 2009/2010

Here I started visualizing me standing  as a dirigent in the central position and the birds ‘dancing’ to the music.

Some time later I ‘saw’ a huge fload of houses on the wall of a large chamber and I applied it  for arranging the houses on the left side of the painting. They seem to be a bit liveless- in spite of being built nicely- symbolizing human efford to ascend to wisdom, to the Divine by the ways of religions and culture, but still life is not really opening up.

On the right side down below, a mike is handed to me and people come from different areas to witness, what’s happening.

The orchestra in blue colour is representing beings in the angelic realm, which I feel connected to and that accompany me.

On the bridge- middle right side- You can see a funny bunch of happy people dancing-  they are coming out of the tower and from behind it, where they have built their biological returnable houses.

Right side above is the realm of the godess, female Divine…

During painting the wings above and the Ballon, I- by case saw an advertisement for balloon-traveling with the letters on it:

‘A travel with a balloon: a present from heaven’ , which this creation in deed was for me!

– ‘return’ – coming HOME.