In communication with Michelangelo at Sistine Chapel 2009

First, I only knew that Michelangelo sits on his stand, having a little chat with his ​​sweetheart Tommaso Cavalieri in a break .

Everything else developed while painting over about 6 weeks and was very uplifting.

What manifested slowly while composing the elements, was the downward movement refering the suffering, that was put unto Christ by all the manipulations and power- games of the established church- into the conversed moving ascension to a redeemed, powerful lively Yeshua Christ united with Mary Magdalene, personifying the blooming female principle.
Down on the right side You see Michelangelo destroying the own sculpture of his tombstone, showing his accumulated anger generated by the pressure, that was put unto him by the popes etc…and on the left side, someone (maybe me) holding him, when leaving his body for salvation.

The main statement I was passionatly engaged to show is the removement of all the martyr- stuff, which at last culminated in painting Christ without wounds, which was my request and condition, if I’ld agree painting him…)