After having painted for about half a year roses in all sizes and colours, it hit me: there was obvioulys a certain similarity to the female gental organs.
Indeed I had painted the roses as a symbol of the blooming woman and so now it dawned on me: now that I had spoken my ‘A’, I am going to say my ‘B’, too and so I started to paint Yonis/ Vaginas.
First I started with my own, which was quite dary and like going through a portal, that nobody had ever mentioned to me before. Then I met a Tantra- woman- teacher; she would give me some photos, they had taken during a seminar and later I would paint with ‘live’- models.
This has indeed been very amazing, because of the trust, that we both felt and the safe space, that we created. These whole sessions were indeed deeply healing processes. Looking later, on what I had painted, they were in awe of their own beauty and walked out like queens,..