2004 Exhibition ‘Roses and Yonis’ in the Titusforum Frankfurt am Main/ Germany

In 2004 I had a big exhibition with my works about Yonis and roses in the Titusforum in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany.
It happened on the occasion of the theatrical performance of the ‘Vagina Monologues’ from Eve Ensler by the ‘English- Theater- group/ Frankfurt.
It was remakable, that all, men and women stood in awe and wonder before the works, feeling so much honour for what they saw… witnessing these expressions on such an intimate topic.
I felt a bit nerveous, if the parents might take their children out of my painting -school, but the contrary happened: some asked me, if I had place and might take their children or teenagers under my wings…
Below my statement, that I presented before the audiance.

My speech to the exhibition ‘Roses and Yonis

I have created this, because it is very important to me, to revive the powers of the earth and to help maintaining them.
The Yoni – form I took, because it is the very first expression of the divine – female energies.
The word ‘Yoni’ sounds mysterious. It’s coming from the Sanskrit – language. In many Hindu – temples You can find that symbol, it is often nourished together with the Shiva- Lingam (penis) with honey and milk, that gets poured over them.
I created this serie also, because it seems to me, that we have a lack of humility to sincerely look, where life is coming from.
We are so focussed and being intented on making a good impression, as if our lifes were dependent on what people think about us, as if life come from them and proudly we strut like cocks, always to look and stand there good.
That we have to bend down so deeply, to us feels uncomfortable and embarressing…but – it makes sense!

Because only there, where nothing remains for the show to the outwards, we are, who we really are, without mask, without make-up!
I discovered while painting, that our facial features change with every thought or emotion, but not our genitals.
So we come from the level of explaining everything (mind) into our feeling (heart) and from there we can stand up for a ‘You’, for a vis-√°-vis, a being together with each other, a sharing, strongly connected to our roots, through which we receive our nourishment and existence.
In a vision, I heard myself say: ‘I help the vagina to a rebirth, she wants to be seen.’
I was surprised!
When we replace ‘Vagina’ with’Mother Earth’, it becomes onvious, what’s the real meaning of it:
when we touch the ground, when we breath the air in such an open sensitive way, everything is penetrated by her presence and we experience to feel so safe with every step we do. She gives so much freedom!
And so is this, what I’m doing today out of gratitude to Mother Earth, that allows me to be, whatever I choose to be here, being embraced by her energies.
There is a person present, to whom I did promise to share the following:
‘I love my vagina.
Because it soothes me, caresses me,
makes me feel at home and right,
why so far down, why not up in the sky?
Because that’s whre our home is…!’